Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sleep Study Results

So, the sleep study results are in, and whaddya know. I have MILD sleep apnea, but apparently its enough to need to have a CPAP. So I had a titration study last thursday and they determined the strength of the CPAP that I need to be using. I will hopefully pick it up on thursday and begin wearing it. So long as I have 24 out of 30 days worth of use by november 11th, I can use that appointment as a follow up on my CPAP use, and then if I manage to lose the weight sooner then I can schedule my surgery after insurance approval by the middle of november hopefully....I know I am being sort of impatient but it has really not been that long of a process....I first looked into the surgery on June 30th, went to the information session on July 12th, and then have gotten all of my required appts done in the last two months, august and september, but after 30 more days I should hopefully have the date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO i'm pretty excited!
I know its going to be the biggest challenge I have ever had but it will be so worth it in the end, I will be healthy and trim and hopefully able to buy clothes at all the stores that I am not able to shop at now!!!!!
once I have a surgery date, then I will post before pics....ok?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

just waiting

A Rundown of the things I need and have done to get the ball really rolling....

Appointment with The Nurse Practitioner on August 12th, apparently I am fat enough for the surgery hehe....
Appointment with The Nutritionist on August 12th apparently I will be able to change my eating habits enough for the surgery to be successful.... :)
Appointment with Sleep Medicine Doctor on September 9th.... yeah it's required...
Appointment with the Psychologist on September 10th.... and As crazy as I might be, it's not too crazy to have the RNY (Roux en y gastric bypass surgery)....
The Actual Sleep Study on September 15th- which is almost like a nice little vacation since you get to go spend the night in a hotel and wake up and have a full complementary breakfast,only your hooked up to about 1,000 wires and patches and these bands around your stomach and you are woken up by an intercom if you mess up anything, and someone comes into your room multiple times in the middle of the night to hook you back up :)
Visit with my PCP for a pap and things of that nature to determine that I'm a healthy candidate for the surgery.

So now..... I wait.

I was informed by the Nurse Practitioner that I have to wait for the follow up appointment with Sleep Medicine on November 11th to determine if I need a CPAP. I was supposed to follow up in 4 weeks from the study (around mid-october) but the darn doctor is on vacation the whole damn month and so therefore, I must wait until Nov. 11th. After this appointment if I do need a CPAP I may have to do another sleep study with the CPAP on to have it titrated to the right level, and then I must have 30 days of compliance with CPAP use before I can schedule the surgery.

I also have to lose 16 pounds, which I am fully confident I can do in about a months time, which I will be starting to do probably around the beginning of november.

So far, all of my labs have been normal and I do not need to do anything crazy in that aspect.... I am so glad that it could just be a few more months and I could be losing weight successfully like my mom has and this time being able to keep it off. I can honestly say I am ecstatic!
I am going to try to post everything from appointments to pre-op,post-op and weight loss information on this blog....

November 11th- you cannot come soon enough, I am sooooo eager to hopefully hear that I do not have severe enough sleep apnea to have to use a CPAP.... and I can schedule immediately if I have lost the 16 pounds at this point in time!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my weight

I forgot to include that my weight as of the appointment with the Nurse Practitioner on August 12th, was 320lbs so I have to lose 5% of that (hence the 16lbs I mentioned)to get the surgery so that the fat will come off my liver since they have to be able to get under your liver and lift it up during the surgery. so I will be doing my very best to lose that 16lbs over the next 6 weeks :)

Appointments all scheduled

Today I made all the appointments needed to get the ball really rolling. I have an appointment Sept 9th for a sleep study consult so I can schedule that, then an appointment on the 10th with the psychologist to determine that I am sane enough to have the surgery (let's hope I can fool him, haha) and then an appointment with my primary physician on september 16th for the pap to make sure i am healthy enough. :) I am so excited, a year from this winter I could be shopping in regular stores like Gap and Papaya,American Eagle and others!!!! yay! anywho, i am super excited if I can get all of this done in september and manage to lose the 16lbs that is required by the end of the month I could get it submitted to insurance and scheduled by october!!!!! how exciting! the sooner I get it the better I cannot wait to lose weight and be healthier and have more energy to keep up with that amazing little girl of mine!!!